world water level

world water level



Kode wheel segment World Properties
Style Number variable
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO Both
Pre-made brains that use it unknown

World Properties> world water level


This tile controls the water level in your world. The default water level in a Start from scratch world is 9.05.
The character will float if the water level is 11.3 or over, and swim at 11.4 and over.


Example Code


WHEN [world water level][>=][12] DO [play sound][alarm]


WHEN [once] DO [world water level][=][4]



Other Uses

You can set up a mathematical formula for the water level to create a tide on the beach. Here is a simple version:

WHEN [countdown timer][2][loop][hold time][2] DO [world water level][equals][world water level][minus][0.01]

WHEN [countdown timer][2][loop][hold time][2] [trigger on start]DO [world water level][equals][world water level][plus][0.01]

This will create a gentle lapping at the shore.

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