world terrain amount

world terrain amount



Kode wheel segment World Properties
Style Number variable
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO Both
Pre-made brains that use it unknown

World Properties> world terrain amount


This tile gives a number value for the amount of terrain that is covered in a specified material from your palette (from the Values/Terrain segment). You can also query the number.

PROBLEM: During experimentation with this tile I coloured a small area of the world in the material from pallete 1. Without changing anything I ran the test numerous times by restarting.

Test 1: Showed as 29
Test 2: Showed as 58
Test 3: Showed as 87

Stopped, went into edit mode, then back into test mode

Test 4: Showed as 116

There is clearly an issue with this tile, and it cannot be relied upon if your player restarts the game or plays more than once, and because while testing the number just increases and increases every time you test you cannot know what the actual number is or how it will work in your game.

Example Code

WHEN DO [display][world terrain amount][material slot 1]

WHEN [world terrain amount][material slot 1][>][200] DO [display][text: Woodland grass is here]




Other Uses

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