Kode wheel segment Controls/Touch
Style Control
Modifiers pressed / released / object / touch terrain / world / taps required / tapped
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Controls > Touch > touch


Registers when a finger touches the screen. With modifiers you can specify what and how. Also maps to the A button/Left Mouse/Right Trigger.

I have not got a touch device with Win 8.1 so I cannot test these tiles. If you can add anything to this page please respond on the help required page.

Example Code

WHEN [touch][pressed] DO [jump]


pressed: Runs as true when the screen is pressed

released: Runs as true when the finger is removed from the screen

object: Runs as true when an object is touched

touch terrain: Runs as true when terrain is touched

world: Runs as true when terrain or an object is touched

taps required: Runs as true when the number of taps specified is reached

WHEN [touch][taps required][3] DO [power on]

tapped: Runs the rule when the screen is tapped

Other Uses


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