Kode wheel segment Combat
Style Specialised
Modifiers at / in direction / launch high / launch low / pitch / with windup / interrupt / without hit reaction / with damage  / at speed / launch strong / launch weak / yaw / with offset / lifetime / launch frequency / without gravity / destroy on impact / allow friendly fire /collidable with launcher / disallow friendly fire / unblockable / without targeting
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Combat >  throw


This tile is used to throw an object. Similar to shoot, but involves a throw animation, the object has less forward momentum and is affected by gravity. If you do not specify an object to throw the player will throw whatever is equipped in their right hand. Equipped objects thrown at characters do not, by default, cause damage or count as a hit by attack. If they have nothing in their right hand they will throw a throwing rock (a doughnut shaped rock). This will cause damage when it hits another object and will count as hit by attack. You can specify what they throw by equipping it, or adding a tile next to [throw].  With an object specified the player will retain whatever they have equipped.

Example Code

WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [throw]

WHEN [Y] DO [throw][acorn]


at: Paired with an object. Your player will throw its specified object at it. You can specify an object using IWP, or an object variable such as [objvar:friendly character]

WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [throw][Coin][at][objvar:friendly character]

in direction: Paired with an object or a vector or direction. This will throw the object in that direction.

WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [throw][in direction][IWP:goblin]

launch high: Changes the default launch trajectory to be slightly higher.

launch low: Changes the default launch trajectory to be slightly lower.

pitch: Paired with a number. Changes the angle the object is thrown up/down.

with windup: Plays a windup animation before throwing. Player pulls back arm before throwing.

interrupt: If the character hit by your object is playing an animation the hit will interrupt it.

without hit reaction: The character hit by your object will not play its hit reaction animation

with damage: Paired with a number, this assigns the number of health damage sustained by each projectile hit.

WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [throw][acorn][with damage][20]

at speed: Paired with a number this determines the speed of the throw

launch strong: This throws your objects with greater force than default

launch weak: This throws your objects with less force than default

yaw: This changes the left/right angle your player will throw the object

with offset: This offsets the position where the object will appear from the hand. Pair with a vector or offset tile.

lifetime: Paired with a number (seconds) this will determine how long the object lasts until it is destroyed.

launch frequency: Paired with a number. This determines how many objects you can throw per second. Is particularly relevant if you do not use [pressed] and the player can hold down the throw button for multiple objects.

without gravity:  By default, thrown objects are affected by gravity and will fall to the ground. With this tile it throws the object with the hand, but it acts like you used shoot and travels in a straight line.

destroy on impact: This will destroy any thrown objects when they hit other objects or terrain.

allow friendly fire: This will allow your objects to hit neutral characters or allies and cause damage. By default your throws do not affect friendly characters.

collidable with launcher: By default the object does not collide with the player who throws it. This will change that. Not sure of application for this tile.

disallow friendly fire: Turns off friendly fire if you have used that tile.

unblockable: Prevents any character from blocking your thrown object.

without targeting: By default, if the player is slightly at an angle when throwing at an enemy the object will still hit them. With this tile the object will be thrown straight.

Other Uses

As seen in the Premade quest brains, throw can be used to give another player an object (if you do not own the Give emote). The object you are throwing will need a line of kode that creates an instant pick up when bumped or detected or it will just hit the other character and fall to the ground. See the coin brain for an example.

WHEN [once] DO [throw][Coin][at][objvar:player character]

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