this brain

this brain



Kode wheel segment Brains/Multibrain
Style Brain control
Modifiers in channel
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Brains > Multibrain > this brain


This tile is primarily used to set the current default brain to a brain variable. See example code.

Can also be used with Channel modifier.

Tutorial on Channels and slots

Example Code

WHEN [once] DO [brainvar:my brain][=][this brain]




Other Uses


3 thoughts on “this brain”

  1. Nico Holzer says

    e.g. I coded a cube which creates a volcano. To add lava streams I’m adding the brain of another cube several times. The Kode of these is like this:

    W: Once D: this brain Direction.pos = random vector in circle
    D: Paint.pos = High.pos + this brain Direction.pos x (Radius.num -0.5)
    D: paint at position Paint.pos
    D: turn vector this brain Direction.pos by random number -5 to 5

    The main cube increases High.pos per frame and adds terrain. The Radius is cumulated to the high. The other brains it has in are using this variables but their Direction.pos will not be changed by the other brains.

    So it can replace a brain.var when you’re inside your aiming brain.

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