subtract terrain

subtract terrain



Kode wheel segment Create/Terrain Actions
Style Specialised
Modifiers  radius / height / size / sphere / cylinder / box / position / without fx / without sound
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Create >Terrain Actions > subtract terrain


This tile is used to subtract terrain in-game. Used with various modifiers to specify position, size and shape of brush.

Cylinders: Specify radius and height
Sphere: Specify radius
Box: Specify size

Note: If you create terrain at a position at ground level it will create underneath as well as above the ground, so when you subtract the same amount of terrain you will end up with a hole in the ground. If you want terrain to be removed that has been added in-game you are better to use the duration and subtract temporary terrain tiles.

Example Code

WHEN [RT]  DO [subtract terrain][position][IWP:logic cube][box][size][3]


radius: Paired with a number. When using a cylinder or sphere brush, specify a radius for the shape

WHEN DO [add terrain][sphere][radius][3]

height: Paired with a number. When using a cylinder brush, specify the height of the column

size: Paired with a number. When using a box brush, specify the size of the box.

position: Paired with an IWP:object or a vector. The terrain will be added at this position

without fx: By default the effect of thrown up earth (as seen when you remove terrain in edit mode) will appear. This will remove that effect.

without sound: By default the terrain will make a rumbling noise as it is created or destroyed. This removes those sound effects.

box/sphere/cylinder: The shape of the terrain brush to be used.

Other Uses

See 3rd Person Land Creator brain for “Earth bending”

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