started to

started to



Kode wheel segment Timing and Logic
Style Specialised
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it unknown

Timing and Logic> started to


This tile runs the DO side, or any child lines, at the first frame when the WHEN side is true. You use this when you want a single frame action to occur at the beginning of  a continuous state, rather than keep repeating.

For example, you may have a game mechanic, that when the score is 100 your character changes colour and is equipped with a sword. Unfortunately you cannot guarantee whether the player will get exactly 100 points during the game and could go from 96 to 102. So instead of saying change colour when the score equals 100 you say do it when the score is over 100. If you tried equip a sword when the score was over 100, it will continually equip a sword, so you use [started to] so the sword is equipped as soon as the score passes 100, and only once.

Example Code

WHEN [score][greater than][100] DO

…WHEN DO [hologram][green]

…WHEN [started to] DO [equip][sword]





Other Uses

See Tutorial Hints and Tips about the Started To Tile by WertAndrew

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