Kode wheel segment Math/Trigonometry
Style Math
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Math > Trigonometry> sine


This tile is a Math tile. It returns the sine of an angle as number in degrees. Can be used to create moving objects based on trigonometry.

Example Code

WHEN [once] DO [vectorvar:target][=][position]

…WHEN DO [vectorvar:position][=][position]

WHEN DO [numvar:per frame increment][increment by][3]

WHEN DO [vectorvar:target][y][=][vectorvar:position][y][+][sine][numvar:per frame increment]

WHEN DO [move][toward][vectorvar:target][with strafing][with flying][min distance][0]

This will move an object up and down. (Replace the sine with cosine or tangent for different up and down effects).

Change from y to x and the object moves from side to side (left to right)

Change to z and the object moves from side to side (forward to back)

Show movement on 2 axes and you get a circular orbiting motion

WHEN DO [vectorvar:target][x][=][vectorvar:position][x[+][sine][numvar:per frame increment]

WHEN DO [vectorvar:target][y][=][vectorvar:position][y][+][cosine][numvar:per frame increment]





Other Uses

You may need a basic understanding of trigonometry to get the most out of this tile. Try this website for an explanation of the math behind these tiles.

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