Kode wheel segment Appearance
Style Number variable
Modifiers percent / scale
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Appearance >shrink


The opposite to grow.

On its own this tile will shrink the object at a set percentage per frame (approx 15%) to the minimum size available for that object. Different objects will shrink smaller than others. See modifiers for how to manipulate rate and amount of shrinkage.

Shrinkage will also change the mass of the object. This will affect how loud the footsteps are and the pace of the movement animation it uses.

Example code

WHEN [duration timer][3]DO [shrink][0.15][percent%]


percent: Add this tile paired with a number (up to 100) to change the rate of shrinkage. The default percentage is approximately 15%.So numbers lower than this will slow the rate of shrinkage, numbers bigger will increase it. You can reduce the maximum size the object will shrink using a duration tile on the WHEN side paired with a number (the number needs to be a shorter time than it takes for the object to shrink at your chosen rate to the minimum size to show any affect). You cannot use percent and scale together.

Unlike other tiles, this tile will work if you put the number before or after the tile.

WHEN DO [shrink][2][percent]

WHEN DO [shrink][percent][2]

to scale: Paired with a number this will change the size of your object to the scale chosen. The scale of an object is fixed, so you can grow instead of shrink your object. (So, grow or shrink tile will do exactly the same thing). Each object acts differently to scale ; a woodland villager Scale of 1 is 80%, while a primitive cube Scale of 1 is 100%. The rate of growth cannot be altered (fixed at the default).You cannot use both percent and scale together. You cannot use a negative number to shrink an object using this tile (any negative number will just show the object at its minimum size) – there is a specific shrink tile for that.

Camera editors: No idea (they appear as modifiers on nearly all tiles)

Other Uses

Can be used in death animations, or as a weapon. Can also be used as an effect for a transporter, or for a doorway opening effect.

See Tutorial Shrink and Grow Tiles by LadylexUK

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