show spark vision

show spark vision



Kode wheel segment World Properties
Style Specialised
Modifiers Spark region center, Spark region height, Spark region radius
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it unknown

World Properties> show spark vision


This tile creates a special view mode that shows everything in black and blue with a strange water ripple effect over all the props and characters. The radius of the spark vision is not the black and blue areas, but the normal areas. The effect is bugged, and it can suddenly go pale blue and lose the ripple effect (suddenly did so during my experiment with it). To get the whole screen to show in Spark vision you choose a radius of zero. Otherwise, the Spark vision will appear outside a circle of normal Spark terrain. You can center the Spark vision to any prop – so you can have the whole area blue and white apart from one clearing which will appear normal, or to your character, so that the area around him is normal, but outside your chosen radius it is black and blue.


Example Code

WHEN [Left button][pressed] DO [toggle][boolvar:sparkvision][=][true]

WHEN [boolvar:sparkvision] DO [show spark vision][Spark region radius][0]



Spark region center: Use this tile to select the center of the normal terrain. You can use In world picker on an object or use a vector variable. There are two pre-made vector variable you can use: starting position and wander direction.

starting position: the area immediately surrounding the starting position of the character or prop. The default size is approximately 12 meters if you do not set a radius.

wander direction: DID NOT SEEM TO WORK. In experiments this gave the same effect as the starting position tile.

Spark region radius: Use this tile to change the radius of the circle of normal terrain. Pair with a number. Zero will set the entire world to Spark vision.

Spark region height: DID NOT SEEM TO WORK. With experiments using radius and height, and height on its own, the area of normal terrain did not alter when any number was used.

Other Uses

I have only ever seen this used for Lord of the Rings worlds, where it represents the view you get when you wear the “one ring”. However, it may be a good tool for tutorials, where you can highlight where the character needs to go.

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