Kode wheel segment Appearance/Display
Style Text variable
Modifiers opacity / priority / scale / width / height / above / at world position /at screen position / without 3D scaling / screen location (multiple) / HUD justification(multiple) / HUD stacking (multiple) / Text alignment (multiple) / HUD size / Font size / Speech lines (multiple) / enable hover state / text box gallery / In World Fixed Camera Editor / In World Boom Camera Editor/flip frame / without frame
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Detect Show message

Appearance >Display> say


Displays text on the display layer in a speech bubble next to the object

Unlike [display] the [say] tile will wrap text. You have a limited space to type your text, and you can use modifiers to change the size of your speech box or fonts, exactly the same as the display tile.

When you choose the say tile it will automatically open a text box for you to edit. If you have already entered the text and saved it as a text string you can back out of that and only the Say tile will remain.

Example Code

WHEN DO [say][text:Greetings]


Same as Display

without frame: Text appears without the background image of a speech box. Text still wraps as if the frame was there.

flip frame: This flips the “tail” on the message box so that is matches the position of the person speaking

Other Uses


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