random vector

random vector



Kode wheel segment Math/Random
Style Math
Modifiers  circle / cone / cube / slice / inside / radius / angle / direction / length / size / x,y,z
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Math > Random> random vector


This tile is a Math tile. It is used to create a random vector within a specified area. Normally used with a custom vector variable, though can be used to generate a number between -1 and 1. Unlike sample noise this will generate random numbers on a fixed position object, as it is generating a random number within an area around the object.

Example Code

WHEN [countdown timer][4]DO [vectorvar:my vector][=][random vector][circle][inside][radius][2]


circle, cone, cube, slice:  The shape of the area from the objects position vector

inside: By default the random vector will be on the shape edge, this modifier chooses a vector within the shape area instead.

radius: Used with circle. Paired with a number this specifies in meters the size of the circle area.

angle: Used with cone and slice.Paired with a number it specifies the angle of the shape.

direction: Used with cone and slice. Paired with a direction it specifies the orientation of the cone or slice.

length: Used with cone and slice.Paired with a number is specifies the length of the cone or slice.

size: Used with cube and square. Paired with a number is specifies the size of the shape in meters.

x,y,z: Vector position. Specifies whether the vector is a y, z or x coordinate (when used with a number variable)

WHEN [countdown timer][4]DO [numvar:my vector][=][random vector][circle][inside][radius][2][y]


Other Uses


This tile can be used to spawn objects at different positions.

See Tutorial: Create position and orientation

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