push brain

push brain



Kode wheel segment Brains
Style Brain control
Modifiers to channel / to slot / meter gallery / text box gallery / Camera Editors
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Brains> push brain


This tile pushes a new brain into the brain and deactivates the current one. You can push a brain from the gallery or IWP.
You can specify a channel or a slot where the brain will sit.

Tutorial on Channels and slots

Example Code

WHEN [interacted]DO [push brain][Bobbing object]


to channel:  You can specify which channel you would like to put the brain in

to slot: You can specify the slot you would like to put the brain in

Camera Editors: Not known. Not relevant?

meter gallery: Not known. Not relevant?

text box gallery: Not known. Not relevant?

Brain properties segment
(This only appears when push brain is used)

brain name: This is used to rename the brain that is being pushed
WHEN DO [push brain][brain name][=][melee hero]

slot name: This establishes a slot name where push brain will sit (not sure about use)

channel name: This establishes the channel name where push brain will sit. (not sure about use)

Other Uses

You can change the behaviour of a character or object by pushing new brain instructions at a certain point in time. For example, when selecting your companion in an RPG, you could push different brains on the selection screen (ranged, melee, healer) into the same character until the player chooses which one he wants to keep.

WHEN DO [IWP:hero][brain is active][=][false]

WHEN DO [display][Choose your follower type][screen center]

WHEN [Dpad][down direction][pressed] DO [numvar:selection][incremented by][1]

WHEN [numvar:selection][=][1] DO[IWP:follower] [push brain][melee follower]

WHEN  [numvar:selection][=][2] DO [IWP:follower] [push brain][ranged follower]

WHEN [numvar:selection][>][2] DO [IWP:follower] [numvar:selection][=][1]


…WHEN [started to] DO [IWP:hero][brain is active][=][true]

…WHEN [countdown] DO [destroy][me]

See Tutorial Using Push Brain by Mescad

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