pop brain

pop brain



Kode wheel segment Brains
Style Brain control
Modifiers from channel / from slot
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Brains> pop brain


This tile replaces any brain that was removed using push brain. Most effective when used with a channel and slot modifier. Note: if you use push brain the previous brain is no longer active. For example, this will not work. The brain with the pop brain kode is no longer active after you press RT, so LT will not do anything (unless this line of kode is in the brain it pushed).

WHEN [RT][pressed] DO [push brain][1st person shooter]

WHEN [LT][pressed] DO [pop brain][3rd person Adventurer]

Tutorial on Channels and slots 

Example Code

WHEN DO [pop brain][from channel][controls][from slot][3]


from channel: The channel where you want to retrieve the brain

from slot: The slot where you want to retrieve the brain

Other Uses


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