Kode wheel segment Math
Style Math
Modifiers  None
Primarily WHEN/DO Both
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Math > plus


This tile has multiple uses. Firstly it is used a mathematical tile to add two numbers or the contents of two number variables together.

WHEN DO [numvar:score][=][numvar:score][+][20]


Secondly it is used to concatenate text strings in a display text kode line. Concatenate means to add together. So, in the case of text you can use it to add different sentences and newlines together to make a paragraph of text.

WHEN DO [display][text:Hello there][+][newline][+][text:My name is Fred][screen center]

Remember though that there will be no spaces between the text strings, so if you need a space between words you have to include it at the beginning or end of a text string or add a blank space text string in-between. You can also display text variables.

WHEN DO [textvar: text a][=][text:Hello there][+][newline]
WHEN DO [textvar: text b][=][text:My name is Fred]
WHEN DO [display][textvar:text a][+][textvar:text b]

or you can create a new variable that combines the two

WHEN DO [textvar:text c][=][textvar:text a][+][textvar: blank space][+][textvar:textvar:text b]

WHEN DO [display][textvar:text c]

Thirdly, it is used to add objects to an object set

WHEN DO [objset: weapons][=][stone sword][+][crossbow][+][crude club]


Example Code


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Other Uses


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