play fx

play fx



Kode wheel segment Create
Style Specialised
Modifiers  at position / offset / pitch /at socket / volume / scale / on / overlapping
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Create > play fx


This tile allows you to create visual special effects dynamically during the game. Pick an effect from the gallery or use IWP to chose templated special effects (this is used when you wish to have recoloured or resized effects from the default). You can change the position of the effect using modifiers.

Example Code

WHEN  DO [play fx][burning aura][on][me]




at position: Paired with an object position or vector. This will play the special effect at that position.

offset: Paired with a vector variable. Set your vector for the distance from the object in 3 dimensions.

WHEN DO [vectorvar: my offset][=][east][x][2.5][+][World up][x][2][+][north][x][3.5]

WHEN DO [play fx][Berserk loop][offset][vectorvar:my offset]

pitch: Paired with a number this will change the pitch of any sound effects that accompany the effect.

at socket: Paired with a socket name this will center the effect on a particular socket.

volume: Paired with a number this will change the volume of any sound effect that accompanies the effect.

scale: Paired with a number this will change the size of the effect.

on: Paired with an object. This will play the effect at the center socket of the object chosen, and will scale to fit the size of the object.

overlapping: This tile will play the effect even if has just played, and is still visible on the screen. Most appropriate when used for a firing mechanism which may need the effect played in quick succession, before all the particles from the previous effect has dissipated.


Other Uses


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