paint terrain

paint terrain



Kode wheel segment Create/Terrain Actions
Style Specialised
Modifiers  radius / amount /  position  / duration /cubify / replace / without sound
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Create >Terrain Actions > paint terrain


This tile is used to paint terrain in-game. Used with various modifiers to specify position, opacity, size of brush. You can specify a material by placing a material tile from Values/Terrain materials.

Note: You can only paint terrain in a circular radius (not a square).

Example Code

WHEN [RT]  DO [paint terrain][position][IWP:logic cube][radius][3][material slot 4]


radius: Paired with a number. Specifies the radius of the paint effect


position: Paired with an IWP:object or a vector. The terrain will be painted at this position

duration: Does not work. If you use this tile you cannot add a size specification or material to the kode line. Left on it own it creates the paint but does not remove it. EXPLANATION NEEDED

without sound: By default the terrain will make a noise as it is painted. This removes those sound effects.

non-expiring: Only appears as a tile when you use duration. Suspect bug.

cubify: Odd one this. It creates terrain at the radius specified, not just paint. However, as the cubify effect in add terrain does not work very well, this is your other option. Unfortunately you can only specify terrain as a sphere to be cubified.

amount: This controls the opacity of the paint (shown as intensity in paint mode), however it doesn’t use the 0-100 scale that you get it paint mode, it uses 0 – 1. It also reduces the visible radius of the paint, so if you want a wider area with pale paint effects you need to increase the radius.

WHEN DO [paint terrain][radius][2][amount][0.2]

replace: Pair this with a material slot from Values/Terrain Materials. This will only replace that material if it is present in the radius of your paint effect, all other materials will be unaffected.

WHEN DO [paint terrain][material slot 5][radius][2][position][IWP:cube][replace][material slot 3]

Other Uses

See 3rd Person Land Creator brain which contains kode for increasing and decreasing radius and changing material with the D-pad .

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