Kode wheel segment Timing and Logic
Style Specialised
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it Multiple

Timing and Logic> once


This tile runs the DO side, or any child lines, at the first frame when the WHEN side is true, but only once. When you want an event to occur once in the game – such as the creation of a boss, you use this tile. Otherwise, you can use the started to tile. It is used a lot for setting the opening parameters for a game. For example to set the score to zero, or equip a weapon to a NPC. Be careful using the once tile, especially if you have looping code to create multiple enemies, or if a button press reveals some text. If you use once, it is literally so that the action happens once only. A button press with a once will not happen when you press the button a second time.


Example Code

WHEN [once] DO [equip][rangers bow]






Other Uses

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