Kode wheel segment Appearance
Style Text variable
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Appearance >name


A specialised text variable that contains the object’s name. This can be queried so that special actions can take place if the object name matches, or for display purposes. You cannot set name in kode. The object name can only be set in the Brain Properties menu. Example Code

WHEN  DO [display][name][above]


WHEN [interacted] DO [objvar:visitor][=][it]
WHEN [objvar:visitor][name][=][Joe] DO [power on]
…WHEN [else] DO [switch page][2]



Other uses

As a text variable it can be used as display text, such as a menu heading. Because it does not create a text variable, and Brain Properties text can be edited, it can be very useful to create a brain that is the same for all objects that use it but has a different title depending of the name of the object, which you can edit and change at will, without adding multiple variables to the text wheel.

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