Kode wheel segment Movement
Style Action
Modifiers at speed / toward / away from / in direction / with flying / with strafing / with swimming / forward and backward / left and right / on land / on path / on relative path / world relative / camera relative / object relative / without fx / without sound/ up and down
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Movement > move


This tile will move an object or character in your world. For player controlled characters it is linked to Left stick or WASD on the WHEN side of the wheel. Objects will move in the direction of their forward (z-axis) unless specified otherwise. There are many modifiers for this tile that will alter speed, type of movement, and direction.


Example Code


WHEN [Left stick] DO [move]


WHEN [detect player] DO [move][towards][it]


at speed: Paired with a number this will multiply the speed of the movement. The pace of the movement animation is also increased.

toward: Paired with an IWP object or vector. Normally used with NPC brains. This will move the object towards a point in the world space. If you use it with Left stick, the player can affect the speed of the player, but not the direction. The object stops short of the actual position of the object.

away from: Opposite of toward. Paired with an IWP object or vector. Normally used with NPC brains. This will move an object away from a point in world space. Experiments show that the object will move 20 metres from the object it is told to move away from then stop. If the object gets closer it will maintain 20 metres by moving away again.

in direction: Paired with and IWP object or vector or direction tile. The character will move in this direction without stopping (unless otherwise directed).

with flying: Will make the object begin its flying animation by hovering then moving in the air. In a controlled player you can fly and obtain height, but you do not have fine control of your height while in the air, so extra controls will need to be added for a better flying brain.

up and down: Modifier appears when with flying is used. This tile restricts movement to up and down.

with strafing: Strafing is when you move left and right while maintaining a forward gaze, a bit like a crab. It is also the only way to walk backwards, as with normal move the player will turn and face the direction your controls are suggesting.

WHEN [left stick] DO [move]

WHEN [left stick][down direction] DO [move][with strafing]

with swimming: If the player gets in water they will automatically swim without this tile being present so you do not need to add it for swimming. Use this tile for characters and objects that live in the water and you dont want them to move on land. If you apply this while on the ground and not on water the player cannot move. 1

forward and backward: This tile restricts movement to forward and backward (from the object’s forward facing vector). The character will react as if strafing backward (he will face forwards). Pushing left or right will cause the character to move forward and backwards as well.

left and right: This tile restricts movement to left and right in a strafing motion (he will face forwards). Pushing up or down on the stick will make the character move left or right as well.

on land: This tile does not do what is says it does. It allows movement on solid terrain, but also on props, and in the air. It stops movement if the player is in the water. If your player ends up in the water with this tile active, they cannot use the left stick to move, but if there is a jump command they can move through the water with a series of jumps.

on path: Paired with a IWP of a placed path object This will move the character onto a path, which will be programmed to then control the movement of the object or character while on the path. Normally used with NPC.

on relative path: Paired with a IWP of a placed path object. This will move the character in the same orientation as a path placed elsewhere in the world, but from the position of the object or character. So for example, if you had multiple towers and each guard walked round the tower, you would only need to put a path around one of the towers, and use relative path for the guards around the others.

world relative: EXPLANATION needed

camera relative: EXPLANATION needed

object relative: EXPLANATION needed

without fx: The default will play clouds of dust at the player’s feet as he runs. This turns it off.

without sound: This turns off the footstep sound effect. It has no effect on the swimming or flying sound effects, even though you can place the tile. Raised as a bug.


Other Uses




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