mouse inputs

Mouse inputs



Kode wheel segment Controls/Mouse
Style Control
Modifiers pressed / released / without remapping / without controller remapping /  without virtual controller  / object / terrain / world / tapped /click count
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Controls > Mouse > Mouse inputs


This sub menu contains all the inputs for a mouse.

Some of the mouse inputs can be remapped.

See Remapping Controls table.

mouseposition[mouse position]  tile determines the position of the cursor as a vector in the x/y screen space.

WHEN DO [display][mouse position][screen top left]


Example Code

WHEN [Right mouse button] DO [shoot]
As long as the Right mouse button is held down the player will shoot

WHEN [Right mouse button][pressed] DO [shoot]
As soon as theRight mouse button is pressed the player will shoot once (single frame action)


pressed: Creates a single frame input as soon as the key is pressed

released: Creates a single frame input as soon as the key is released

without controller remapping: disables automatic remapping for controller alternatives for this input only

without virtual controller: disables automatic remapping for touch alternatives for this input only

without remapping: disables automatic remapping for keyboard , mouse and touch for this input only

object: Will only respond to clicks if the cursor is over an object

terrain: Will only respond to clicks if the cursor is over terrain

world: Will only respond to clicks if the cursor is on terrain or objects

tapped: Will run when the specific button is pressed and released

click count: Counts number of clicks and returns true when number specified is reached. Click count stops after no input for 5 seconds.

WHEN [right mouse button][click count][5] DO [power on]



Other Uses


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