Kode wheel segment Objects
Style Object variable
Modifiers  meter gallery / text box gallery
Primarily WHEN/DO Both
Pre-made brains that use it None

Objects >it


This tile references objects that are determined on the WHEN side of the kode line. For example

WHEN [interacted] DO [it][health][incremented by][10]

The “it” is the character who interacted with the object.

When querying an object set you use [it] to reference each object in turn.

WHEN [for each of][attachments] DO [it][collidable][equals][false]

This kode line will go through its object set of attached objects and make them all non-collidable.

When you have multiple objects being referenced in your brain, it is probably a good idea to assign your “it” to an object variable.

WHEN [interacted] DO [objvar:customer][=][it]

Then instead of using it for the rest of your kode, you use the object variable. This is most useful when you are swapping pages, it is also easier to keep track of what you are doing to what, too many “it” calls can get confusing.

Example Code


WHEN [hit by attack] DO [objvar:my attacker][=][it]

WHEN [detect][player] DO

…WHEN [it][equal to][global][objvar:hero] DO [power on]


meter gallery/text box gallery: May be in the modifiers by mistake as you cannot use them. EXPLANATION NEEDED

Other Uses

See Tutorial It vs Them Tiles by Mescad

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