is using touch

is using touch



Kode wheel segment Controls/Input Methods
Style Control
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it All 3rd person brains (for interact controls display)

Controls > Input Methods > is using touch


This is a specialised read only boolean that determines whether a player is using a touch screen (as used on tablets and phones) to input commands. Use this to diversify your controls or display text explaining the controls for each type of controller.

Example Code

WHEN [is using touch] DO [Display][text: Press B]

…WHEN [else] DO [Display][text:Press 1]



Other Uses

Quick tip. Touch and Controller use the same display buttons, so instead of specifying different instructions for all 3 types of controls:

WHEN [is using keyboard or mouse] DO…instructions for keyboard and mouse

…WHEN [else] DO …instructions for controller/touch

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