Kode wheel segment Appearance
Style Specialised
Modifiers strength
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Appearance >highlight


This tile adds a coloured outline to the object and any attachments.

You can change the color of the highlight with a modifier. The default is white. It is used in the standard game as a visual aid to identify interactable objects (they outline in yellow).

Example code

WHEN  DO [highlight][green]


strength: Paired with a number this determines the thickness of the outline. An interesting affect using this can be achieved with Pitch Black Sky and strength of 0.15. The outline appears dotted and “glistens”.

Other Uses

Sadly, the highlight only shows up on a visible object at the moment, so the effect is limited. However, the cartoon cell style look is very popular, especially with games copying the Borderland’s game aesthetic. Use a black outline on all objects

WHEN [for each of][all objects] DO [highlight][it][black]

Another interesting effect can be achieved with Pitch Black or Purgatory Sky, where the character in outline creates an arcade feel to your game. Suitable for Asteroids-style games for example.

You can adjust the strength or color of the outline at any time using kode, or remove it altogether.

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