get brain

get brain



Kode wheel segment Brains/Multibrain
Style Brain control
Modifiers in channel
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Brains > Multibrain > get brain


This tile is used to select a brain to use with a brain variable when using IWP. See example code. Without modifiers it will get the default brain of the object you have selected.

Can also be used with Channel  modifier, but surprisingly not a slot.

Tutorial on Channels and slots

Example Code

WHEN DO [brainvar:level2] [=][IWP:logiccube(level 2)][get brain]



modifiers/in channel: Paired with a number or text variable. This specifies which channel the brain is in.

Brains/Multi-brain/default brain channel: NO INFORMATION

Brains/Multi-brain/default brain slot : NO INFORMATION

Other Uses


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