game over

game over



Kode wheel segment Appearance/Display
Style Specialised
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Game over on timer
Game over on trigger

Appearance >Display> game over


Immediately ends the game and returns player to the game menu and voting screen, or edit mode if in test.

This tile should only be used if you wish to stop the game completely. Care should be taken not to end the game abruptly. Best used on a game over page as an option for the player.

Example Code

WHEN [not][IWP:hero] DO [display][text: Game over. Press A to quit]
WHEN [A][pressed] DO [game over]



Other Uses

It is important to know that if your player character is killed, or falls off the map, and there is no respawn mechanism in place, the game does not end automatically. If you do not wish to have a respawn facility, then adding a game over page at player death would play better than leaving the player viewing the default camera view (the last camera view before the player was destroyed or killed).

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