flash color

flash color



Kode wheel segment Combat/Combat Properties/Hit Reactions
Style Color variable
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO Both
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Combat >  Combat Properties > Hit Reactions > flash color


This tile is a color variable. When a character is hit they will briefly flash a color. The default is red. You can change this color with this tile.

Example Code

WHEN [once] DO [flash color][=][blue]




Other Uses

If you have a gun with different ammo in it, you can change the color of the hit flash in the attacked character depending on the ammo.

WHEN [for each of][IWP:hero][attack hit] DO [objvar:target][=][it]

…WHEN [IWP][hero][numvar:ammotype][=][1] DO [objvar:target][flash color][=][purple]

…/…WHEN [for each of][objvar:taget][attachments] DO [it][flash color][=][purple] 1

…WHEN [IWP:hero][numvar:ammotype][=][2] DO [objvar:target][flash color][=][green] etc…



  1. This line is so that a character that is custom made using attachments to an invisible model will flash, or all of the attachments on a visible character will flash (like hats or armour)

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