Kode wheel segment Appearance/Display
Style Specialised
Modifiers transition time / priority
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Door to Another World

Appearance >Display> fade


Fades the screen to black over a time period specified with modifiers. The blackness is permanent. For a temporary fade to black and back again use a duration timer. Does not fade text or numbers.

Example Code

WHEN [duration timer][3] Do [fade][transition time][2]

This code will fade out for 2 seconds, show black for 1, then fade in back to normal. Put a transition time that is longer than the duration time and it will start to fade out but not reach total blackness.


transition time: Paired with a number, it specifies how long it takes to fade to black, the higher the number the slower the transition is, and the level of opacity changes at smaller increments.

priority: Only works with icons and not text. Set icon display at a lower number than the fade and the fade will cover, Set icon display at a higher number than the fade and the fade to black will happen behind the image. Text and numbers are never covered by the fade. 1

Other Uses

Mostly used before a game over tile, or to end a cut scene.

Could also be used before a change in sky box, so that the world gets gradually darker before the day changes to night, which is better than an abrupt change.

WHEN [duration timer][3] DO [fade][transition time][6]
WHEN [countdown timer][3] DO [sky][=][night clear]

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