duration timer

duration timer



Kode wheel segment Timing and Logic
Style Specialised
Modifiers hold time / in frames / loop
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it unknown

Timing and Logic > duration timer


This tile runs the DO side, or any child lines, for the duration stated. If not paired with a number of seconds it will default to one second of duration.

Example Code

WHEN [duration timer][3] DO [display][text: Hello]



hold time:  Used with a duration timer with a time and a loop.
WHEN [duration timer][4][loop][hold time][3] DO [display][text:Greetings]
This will display the text for 4 seconds, pause for 3, then display the text again and so on

in frames: Instead of seconds if you use this tile it will count frames
WHEN [duration timer][30][in frames] DO [play fx][fire]

loop: This will loop the line so that it runs continuously
WHEN [duration timer][5][loop] DO [jump]
The character will jump for  5 seconds, pause for 1 then start again.


Sorry I cannot work out how you use these tiles. EXPLANATION NEEDED

timer seconds remaining

timer seconds complete

timer ratio remaining

timer ratio complete


Other Uses


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