Kode wheel segment Objects/Inventory
Style Specialised
Modifiers  None
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Not known

Objects >Inventory> drop


You use this tile to drop an object during the game that is held in that object’s inventory set. Equipped objects are not in the object’s inventory set when equipped. You can specify an object or object variable to drop a specific object. If you use in-world pick to specify the object, it will reference that individual object only, if you use the gallery to specify an object it will include all objects in the inventory that are the same. So for example, if you had 5 apples that you could pick up and you had this kode.

WHEN [RT] [pressed] DO [drop][Apple A]

all the apples that were picked up would drop.

WHEN [RT][pressed] DO [drop][IWP:Apple A]

only the specified apple would drop (if it had been picked up).

Dropped objects that are set as fixed physics will hover in the air when dropped.

Objects that are equipped will automatically drop when you equip another object.

Example Code

WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [drop][IWP:land mine]



Other Uses


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