draw sphere

draw sphere



Kode wheel segment Create/Shapes
Style Specialised
Modifiers  None
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Create > Shapes> draw sphere


This tile is used to draw a perfect sphere around an object. You can specify a size in meters by pairing it with a number. There are no modifiers for this tile, so you cannot offset or position the sphere. You can color it, by adding a Values/Color tile after it. The effect is a slightly opaque looking bubble with your object at its centre.

Example Code

WHEN [RT]  DO [draw sphere][2][blue]



Other Uses

This effect can be used to create forcefields or underwater helmets. To position a forcefield on just the head, attach a primitive sphere to the players head and make it invisible. Place your draw sphere kode in the primitive sphere brain.

You can create a pulsating or growing and shrinking sphere by using number variables which change on a timer.


You can draw up to 512 spheres at a time. The 513th one and up will not display.

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