done executing

done executing



Kode wheel segment Brains
Style Brain control
Modifiers call page / for each of
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Brains> done executing


This tile will stop the brain from functioning from that point on. Any kode lines above this one will still run.

Example Code

WHEN [boolvar:level1]DO [done executing]

…WHEN [else] DO


call page: When you call a page, the kode lines are virtually inserted into the page that calls it. If you use done executing in that call page then all the lines in the call page and all the lines below the call line on the original page will be stopped. If you just want the lines in the call page to stop, then add the [call page] modifier in the called page. 1

In the called page:

WHEN DO [done executing][call page]


for each of: Stops the current [for each of] loop

WHEN [for each of][all objects] DO [objvar:myobject][=][it]

…WHEN [objvar:myobject][=][apple] DO [done executing][for each of]

Other Uses

Could be used to section off lines in the brain which only run if a condition is  met.

WHEN [boolvar:level1]DO [done executing]

…WHEN [else] DO

…/…WHEN [started to] DO [equip][bow]

…/…WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [shoot]

This kode says, when boolean called “level1” is true stop the brain from here. If it is false then equip a bow and give the player a Y control to fire. You can use nested else and done executing to implement a levelling system.


  1. Thanks to Instant Kafka for this explanation

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