Kode wheel segment Combat
Style Specialised
Modifiers at speed / distance / in direction / invulnerable / with strafing
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Combat >  dodge


This tile is used to create a dodge animation.  The default is a forward roll. All character brains use it for the B button for when there is no interactable objects in front of the character. Personally I find the forward roll very annoying and normally remove it. It does not seem a good defensive move to roll into your attacking enemy. You can change it with modifiers.

Example Code

WHEN [B][pressed] DO [dodge]


at speed: Paired with a number. Changes the speed of the forward roll.

distance: Paired with a number. Changes the distance the player will move when dodging. The forward roll stays the same, but for longer distances than the roll itself it creates a sliding motion.

in direction: Paired with a vector or direction. The player will do a forward roll in that direction.

WHEN [B][pressed] DO [dodge][in direction][left]

invulnerable: This stops the player taking attack damage while dodging.

with strafing: This makes no difference to a standard dodge with no modifiers, however can create dramatic effects when used in conjunction with [in direction].

WHEN [B][pressed] DO [dodge][in direction][left][with strafing] // player side steps to the left

WHEN [B][pressed] DO [dodge][in direction][backwards[with strafing] // player does a backwards roll

Other Uses


Project Spark Alphabet Video

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