Kode wheel segment Sensors
Style Sensor
Modifiers None
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it All player character brains

Sensors > detect


This is a sensor tile. every object has a set of sensors that identify its surroundings. The detect sensor is a sphere that extends from the centre of the object. You can alter the size of the sensor in edit mode. Objects are detected when their position correlates with being inside the sphere (whole or in part). You can also specify a specific object or set of objects to detect.


Example Code

WHEN [detect][IWP:block] DO [hologram]

The standard code in adventurer brains has this:

WHEN [detect][interactable][objects in front]

…WHEN DO [highlight][it][yellow]

This detects objects in front of the player that have the [interacted] tile in their brains.





Other Uses

Watch out for using [detect][player]
A lot of objects use this as a standard, however it will pick up objects with control codes in that are not “players” as you understand them. Make your own global object set of your player characters and use that instead

WHEN [detect][global][objset:player] DO [say][text: hello]

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