Kode wheel segment Create
Style Specialised
Modifiers  with effect
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Coin

Create > create


This tile is used to destroy objects in the game. Destroy is different from kill, in that it removes the object from the world without effects or animations (unless modified). You can destroy any object, including the one that the kode tile is used.

Example Code

WHEN  DO [destroy]

same as

WHEN DO [destroy][me]

or to destroy other objects

WHEN DO [destroy][it]


WHEN DO [destroy][IWP:door]


with effect: Left on its own it plays the death explosion effect while removing the object.Paired with an effect tile (from the gallery or IWP) it will play that effect instead.

Other Uses

Logic cubes which contain kode that is not needed again in the game, such as a cut scene , often use destroy to remove them from the game after use.

As an alternative to the standard death animation , you could create a new effect using this tile. Turn destroy after death off.

WHEN [health][<] [1]DO [boolvar:dying][=][true]

WHEN [boolvar:dying] DO

…WHEN [once] DO [emote][kinect:clutch throat and sink to knees]

…WHEN [countdown][4] DO [destroy][with effect][Arcane explosion]

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