Kode wheel segment Combat
Style Number variable
Modifiers without hit reaction / blockable / cooldown / interrupt / In World Camera Editors
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Combat >  damage


This tile is used to inflict damage without using the attacking tiles, and therefore playing the attack animation. If no other object is specified the damage will be caused to the object whose brain the tile is in. It is paired with a number for the amount of damage caused per frame.

Example Code

WHEN [detect][enemies][nearest object]

…WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [damage][it][20]


without hit reaction: The object damaged does not play the hit reaction, but still flashes.

blockable: By default the object is damaged regardless of any counter moves. This tile allows the damage to be blocked.

cooldown: Paired with a number (seconds). This prevents the same object from being attacked again until the time is up.

interrupt: This interrupts any animations of the player being damaged.



In World Camera Editors:  NO INFORMATION Do not appear to do anything

Other Uses

You could use this tile combined with effects and short kinect emotes to create custom attack moves, such as karate kicks.

WHEN [detect][enemies][objects in front][objects closer then][2]

…WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [damage][it][2]

…/…WHEN DO [emote][kinectcapture:kick left foot]

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