How to add talking to your game

Ways to add conversations to your game with and without sound

Firstly, huge apologies to the PC only creators. You can only add sound to your level if you are using an Xbox One with Kinect.

No Kinect

Add text at the bottom of the screen
You can add conversational text at the bottom of the screen while you play your cut scene. Use the talk emote with your character. You can also use letterbox to get a nice black bar at the top and bottom in which to write your conversations.

Add text in a speech bubble
There are a few styles available. Use the say option instead of display. The Conker packs come with some cartoon style speech bubbles you can use.

Add your own screen cards 
Use the old silent movie technique and put the text on screen on a card. PC users can add their own images to the game so you can create original looking screencards for your game. Xbox users will have to use the icons in the gallery.

Use the voices available in the game
There are some vocalisations available in the gallery, Champion voices and voices from the Conker pack.

Use sound available in the game
Use notes to denote language. A bit like The Clangers ( for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about search on Google).

With Kinect

Add your own dialogue
If you want to record your own voices, then just step up to the kinect and record. Dont forget it will pick up your body movements as well, so if you dont want your character to perform the weird contortions that the kinect sometimes produces you will have to put the emote in an invisible decoy instead. Or you can act out your speech with arm and head movements. You may have to do this a few times to get it right.

Record voices from a text-to-speech demo 
There are many websites that allow you to type in your own text to be read back to you in various voices. Some are better than others – experiment a bit. You will need a laptop or other device to play the voice near the kinect.

Get your friends to record voices for you
Collect some budding actors and have a recording session. Just write the scripts and record.

Use blah blah blah
Record a selection of gibberish that you can use multiple times for all sort of situations- a bit like Simlish (the nonsense language they speak in the Sims). You could also find sound files of this type of thing on the internet to use.


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