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copy terrain

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Kode wheel segment Create/Terrain Actions
Style Specialised
Modifiers  radius / height / size/ sphere/ cylinder / box /from position /to  position  /amount / without sound /without fx
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Create >Terrain Actions > copy terrain


This tile is used to copy terrain and recreate it at another position in-game. It copies terrain and paint. To specify the starting point for the copy you need a vector position. Either place a logic cube at the centre and use IWP, or find out the 3D coordinate of the centre of your terrain.

To do this make your logic cube and put it in the center of your terrain. Put this in its brain

WHEN DO [display][position][screen top center]

Test your world and note the vector coordinates. You can now use these and delete the cube.

Best results I have used a cylinder with the logic cube at the base and center of the terrain. I then specified a radius and a height. You may need to experiment to get the size right.

I used another logic cube placed on the ground as the position to recreate my terrain.

Needs to be a single frame call to action, or you get some strange results.

Example Code

WHEN [RT][pressed] DO [copy terrain][from position][IWP:cube 1][to position][IWP:cube 2][cylinder][radius][5][height][10]



radius: Paired with a number. Used for sphere or cylinder brushes to specify the radius of the terrain to be copied.

height: Paired with a number. Used for cylinder brushes to specify the height of the terrain to be copied.

size: Paired  with a number. Used for box brush to specify the size of the terrain to be copied.

cylinder/box/sphere: The shape of the brush to use to copy the terrain.

from position: Paired with an object or vector. This specifies the centre point of the terrain to be copied

to position: Paired with an object or a vector. This specifies the creation point of the copied terrain

amount: Paired with a number between 0 and 1, This specifies the intensity of the terrain being created. If you are trying to make an exact copy of terrain then do not use this tile – or set it to 1.

without sound: By default the terrain will make a noise as it is created. This removes those sound effects.

without fx: By default the special effect of ground flying up is created when terrain is made. This removes that effect.

Other Uses

This could be used to create a series of statues made from terrain, you could even have them created with slightly different radius or height elements, so they appear unfinished or broken.

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