Kode wheel segment Physics
Style Boolean variable
Modifiers  None
Primarily WHEN/DO Both
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Physics > collidable


This tile is a Boolean variable. It sets or detects whether an object is collidable or not. When an object is collidable, characters and other collidable objects will not be able to penetrate the object. When an object is not collidable, objects can pass through the object as if it wasn’t there. Objects will be affected by the bump and detect sensors in either state.

Example Code

WHEN [once] DO [collidable][=][false]




Other Uses

Objects that are attached to a character should be made non-collidable. This is because of a bug that will throw objects and characters around your map when they collide with collidable attachments. Somehow, the effect of hitting these objects magnifies the effect, and objects go flying.

WHEN [for each of][attachements] DO [it][collidable][=][false]

You can also double up physics properties so that one controls another: for example

WHEN DO [visible][=][collidable]

When this object is visible it also collidable, when it is not visible, it is not collidable.

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