Kode wheel segment Math/Functions
Style Math
Modifiers max / min
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Math> Functions > clamp


This tile is a Math tile. It sets a range that a number can be using min and max modifier tiles.


Example Code

WHEN [A][pressed] DO [numvar:number1][increment by][1]

WHEN DO [numvar:number1][=][clamp][min][1][max][7][numvar:number1]

When A is pressed the number will increase until it gets to 7, then it will no longer increase.


max: The highest number this variable can be

min: The lowest number this variable can be

Other Uses

This is most useful when setting up a menu using number variables to select different words or objects on screen.

Clamp your selection variable so that a player cannot keep adding to or subtracting from the selector number, and create a number that is higher or lower than the number of possible selections.

See Fast Track Checkpoints (by list) tutorial for an example of this.

Mescad Tutorial

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