Kode wheel segment Combat
Style Specialised
Modifiers light / medium / heavy / end combo / with windup / without interrupt / without hit reaction / with damage / without targeting / allow friendly fire / unblockable
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Combat >  attack


This tile is used to initiate an attack. The attack animation that plays is dependent on the style of attack and what weapon or object is equipped, or what modifiers are used. The pre-made brains make X the default control for attack.

The animations available (as seen on a human) are:

Punch- no items equipped, some non weapons, bow, blaster
Default (Alternative arms punch)
Light  (Right arm punch)
Medium (Left arm punch)
Heavy (Right arm punch upwards)

Bladed swing -swords, axes, torch, baseball bat, some non weapons (acorn for example)
Default (Right arm alternate forward and back slash)
Light (Right arm forward slash)
Medium (Right arm back slash)
Heavy (Jump, Pirouette, back slash)

Sweeping club – club weapons
Default (Right arm forward and back swing)
Light (Right arm forward swing)
Medium (Right arm back swing)
Heavy (Right arm circle above head and smash to ground)

Flourishing blade  – Daggers, knives, goblin spike
Default  (Right arm sweeps blade from left to right, alternate with raising arm, pirouette and down swipe)
Light (Right arm sweeps left to right)
Medium (Right arm raises, pirouette and down swipe)
Heavy (Right arm sweep left to right, then character jumps, raises right arm and down swipes)

Example Code

WHEN [X][pressed] DO [attack]

WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][<][2] DO [attack][light][objvar:my enemy]


light, medium, heavy: Changes the attack animation (see above) and the amount of damage inflicted

WHEN DO [attack][light]

If you apply more than one of these tiles to the attack,  the player will move through each attack style with each consequent button press if done in quick succession. In an AI player they will attack with each animation one at a time. Use in combination with end combo to create a pause before starting again.

end combo: This creates a pause before the next attack. Primarily used for enemy AI.

with windup: This creates a pull back of the arm before the main attack. Leaves character open to be attacked.

without interrupt: By default when you hit an enemy there is a hit reaction animation which interrupts whatever animation they are currently running. With this modifier they will get a hit flash, but will not stop animating whatever they were doing before.

without hit reaction: This stops the default hit reaction animation running on the enemy when hit. Hit flash still works.

with damage: Paired with a number, this changes the amount of damage caused by the attack from the default.

without targeting: By default the player will move into the correct position to attack an enemy if facing slightly away from them when you press for attack. With this modifier they will attack the space and not turn into the enemy.

allow friendly fire: By default allies and neutrals cannot be attacked by you. If an ally stands between you and the enemy and you attack, it is as if the ally was non collidable, the attack passes through the ally to the enemy. With this modifier you can attack allies as well.

disallow friendly fire: Turns the default back on if you have used allow friendly fire.

unblockable: Stops the enemy from blocking this attack

Other Uses


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