Kode wheel segment Combat/Combat Events
Style Specialised
Modifiers light, medium, heavy, swing, windup, recovery
Primarily WHEN/DO WHEN
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Combat >  Combat Events > attacking


This tile is a Boolean variable. It senses when a character is attacking using melee (not ranged). Can be used to affect a player visually so that they look different when attacking, or apply other actions.

Example Code

This will put an Exclamation point above their head as they punch

WHEN [attacking] DO [display][icon:Exclamation point][above]

This example will make the character bigger every time they punch

WHEN [attacking] DO [scale][=][1.5]

…WHEN [else] DO [scale][=][1]

Place a water faucet effect in your world. Colour it red. Make it a template.

In your player brain

WHEN [attack hit] DO [objvar:my enemy][=][it]

WHEN [attacking][recovery]

…WHEN DO [play fx][IWP:faucet][on][objvar:my enemy]

This will create a blood effect on the enemy during the recovery period of your attack.



lightlight: Senses only light attack hits

mediummedium: Senses only medium attack hits

heavyheavy: Senses only heavy attack hits

recoveryswing: Senses when the attack swing starts

recoverywindup: Senses when the windup (arm pulls back before the punch for example) starts, if windup is used

Senses the start of the recovery period (after the melee attack is complete)

Other Uses


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