Quest Markers

How to create flashing and beeping quest markers similar to Destiny


In Destiny there are various quest/mission markers placed on every world. They contain mission information, such as: kill a certain number of enemies for a reward, survey an area, collect a certain number of objects. The markers have flashing lights on them and emit a beeping noise that changes in pitch depending on how close you are. You can also see the distance to any mission marker in your world by pressing the Left Bumper. This tutorial will show you how to make a flashing marker, how to display a distance on the marker, and how to turn off the marker and display your quest information.

Controls: LB to get the distance info for 10 seconds, B to interact with the marker.


Flashing Markers

Create your marker and a lightbulb (It can be visible or invisible depending on your design)
Any bits you would like to glow add this kode:

WHEN [IWP:lightbulb][has power] DO [hologram][New color:make a dark green]

In the lightbulb brain

WHEN [has power] DO [hologram][New color:make a dark green]

In Properties/Appearance/Light
Change Behavior to Wave Pulse
Pulse Speed 8, Pulse Phase 8
Change color to green (if your lightbulb shape is visible, also change this to green)

Create Logic cube named: Missions

page 1
WHEN [LB][pressed] DO [switch page][2]

page 2

WHEN DO [boolvar: show missions][=][true]
WHEN [countdown timer][10]
…DO [show missions][=][false]
…DO [switch page][1]

In your flashing marker brain

page 1
WHEN DO [numvar:distance][=][distance to][IWP Your player]
WHEN DO [numvar:distance][=][x.x round][numvar:distance]
WHEN [IWP:Missions][boolvar: show missions][=][true]
…DO [display][numvar:distance][+][textvar:m][above]
…DO [display][Icons:Diamond][above][scale][2]
WHEN DO [numvar:pitch][=][8][-][(][numvar:distance][divided by][10][)]
WHEN [duration timer][1][in frames][loop] DO [play sound][UI Collect Crystal][at][position][volume][60][pitch][numvar:pitch]
WHEN [interacted] DO [switch page 2]

page 2

WHEN [duration timer][5] DO [display][text:Your mission information][text box gallery:Fantasy message]
…WHEN DO [Lightbulb][power off]

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