Flashing interactables

How to create flashing interactables so the player knows they are interactable


Interactables in Far Cry 4 flash until used. Loot crates open, give up their contents, close again and stop flashing.

In this tutorial we will add a brain to any interactable object that is within 20 metres of the player. The brain tells objects to flash when the player is within 15 metres of it.


1 The chests

Change the default chest brain to this

Line 6. WHEN [duration timer][2] DO [treasure][move][in direction][world up][with flying]at speed][0.025]

Remove lines 7-9


WHEN [for each of][created objects]
…WHEN [it][held in inventory] DO [power off]
…/…WHEN DO [brain is active] [=] [false]

What this kode will do is stop the chest from being destroyed after opening, the treasure will rise out of the chest, and when you take it the chest will close and its brain will turn off.

2. The flash brain

Create a logic cube. Name it flash. Make it a template

WHEN [until][interacted]
…WHEN [distance to][player][less than][15]
…/…WHEN [duration timer][0.025][loop][hold time][2] DO [hologram]

This brain will make an object flash white.

3. The player


WHEN [for each of][all objects][objects closer than][20]
…WHEN [it][interactable]
…/…WHEN [not][it][has brain][IWP:flash]
…/…/…WHEN DO [it][add brain][IWP:flash]

This will add the flash brain to interactable objects only when in range.

Note: Once you have built this and it is working, save the brain in the flash logic cube to your gallery. Delete the cube and change the kode in the player to access your brain from the gallery instead of IWP.


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