Changing weapon sounds

How to change the noise a weapon makes

The weapon sounds in Spark are built in to the shoot and attack tiles. The sound effect that is produced is dependent on the weapon that is equipped. Unfortunately you cannot turn off the sounds that the weapon makes. So, how do you make a bespoke weapon have a different sound? This tutorial gives instructions on work around methods that change the sounds that weapons can make.



At time of writing you have an Astro Blaster (First Contact DLC) and an SMG (Conker DLC). If you wanted to make a gun with the standard pack you would need to use a Crossbow. You can design your own gun from other props and attach it to one of the invisible weapons. Now each of these weapons makes a distinctive noise when fired. You cannot completely remove those noises, but we can make them very quiet, and if you put another sound effect over the top it will disguise it.

In the weapon 

Go to brain properties and change

Lock Radius to Scale = False
Max Fade Distance 1
Volume 0

In the brain of the weapon

WHEN [equipped]
…WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [shoot]

In the hero brain

Remove the shoot command. Add instead.

WHEN [equipment]
…WHEN [it][=][IWP:weapon]
…/…WHEN [Y][pressed] DO [play sound][sound:Explosion][overlapping][volume][100]

Bladed weapons

Now the above method will not work with a bladed weapon. The sound effect is in the attack tile, and the player has to have the attack tile in his brain in order to swing the weapon.

There are two solutions (my original one involved creating a copy of your character which has its limitations and is probably not a good solution – I am listing it for interest)

My new solution

Make your player silent in brain properties as you did with the weapon before. (It is not completely silent, but it will do)
As a childline to your melee attack add this:
WHEN [started to] DO [global][swing][increment by][1]

Make a soundbar – logic cube or sound gizmo
In its brain
WHEN [global][swing][increased] DO [play sound][sound: your choice of effect][everywhere]
WHEN [IWP: player][moving] DO [play sound][sound: Avatar footsteps][everywhere]


My original solution

Make a copy of your hero.

Change the hero sound properties in your original as you did for the gun.

He is now completely silent.

Remove all the kode from the copy brain except

Move, Jump


WHEN [once] DO [position][=][IWP:hero][position]
WHEN [countdown timer][90][loop] DO [position][=][IWP:hero][position]
This sets his start position as the same as the hero, and checks every 90 seconds that he is still the same position as the hero.

Make him invisible. Non collidable. Non attackable.

The effect is that the player’s attack is silent, but you can hear the walking and jumping.

This is not ideal, and can cause problems if there are multiple weapons that can be picked up, and respawning kodes would need to take the copy into account. But until we have full control over sound effects in Project Spark, we are stuck with the limitations.

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