add terrain

add terrain



Kode wheel segment Create/Terrain Actions
Style Specialised
Modifiers  radius / height / size / sphere / cylinder / box / position / duration / cubify / without fx / without sound / non-expiring
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Create >Terrain Actions > add terrain


This tile is used to create terrain in-game. Used with various modifiers to specify position, size and shape of brush. You can also create temporary terrain using the duration tile.
As a default the terrain appears to grow into position with a visual effect. It will be painted with whatever is in position 1 on the materials palette unless told otherwise. The default is to create a roughly 2 metre square , ½ metre deep piece of terrain per frame.

If placed in a brain with the physics property of character or tumbling the terrain will appear at the character’s position socket and force the character through the terrain into the water below as the object cannot raise up with the terrain quick enough.

If placed in a brain with the physics property of fixed it will engulf the object.

Cylinders: Specify radius and height
Sphere: Specify radius
Box: Specify size


Example Code

WHEN [RT]  DO [add terrain][position][IWP:logic cube][sphere][radius][3]


radius: Paired with a number. When using a cylinder or sphere brush, specify a radius for the shape

WHEN DO [add terrain][sphere][radius][3]

height: Paired with a number. When using a cylinder brush, specify the height of the column

size: Paired with a number. When using a box brush, specify the size of the box.

position: Paired with an IWP:object or a vector. The terrain will be added at this position

duration: Paired with a number (seconds). The terrain will exist for length of time specified then shrink and vanish.

without fx: By default the effect of thrown up earth (as seen when you create terrain in edit mode) will appear. This will remove that effect and accompanying sound fx.

without sound: By default the terrain will make a rumbling noise as it is created or destroyed. This removes those sound effects.

box/sphere/cylinder: The shape of the terrain brush to be used.

non-expiring: Only appears as a tile when you use duration. This is used so you can trigger terrain removal without a duration.

WHEN DO [add terrain][box][size][2][position][position][duration][non-expiring]

WHEN[LT] DO [subtract temporary terrain]

cubify: Makes the shape created into regular shaped cubes.(Similar to Minecraft)


Other Uses

See 3rd Person Land Creator brain for “Earth bending”

Here is some Kode for the player to create his own steps. You could add a duration to this as well, so that the steps only exist for a short time. The player jumps and presses right trigger to create terrain under his feet.

WHEN [Right trigger][pressed] DO [add terrain][height][1]
…WHEN DO [position][=][position][+][world up]
WHEN [A][pressed] DO [jump]

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