Creating a cinematic title sequence using just fixed cameras

How to make a cinematic cut scene without the need for paths or boom cameras.

No need for boom cameras or paths or camera gizmos. You can create interesting cinematic effects with just one camera type – the fixed camera. To create dynamic sweeping movements of your camera without placing paths use a fixed camera with a transition

Make sure your players brain is not active at the start of your level.

Add a logic cube to your world.

WHEN [once] DO [boolean:show film][=][true]
WHEN DO [fixed camera][Modifier:InWorld Fixed Camera Editor]

Select the starting point for your scene.

It will now look like

WHEN DO [fixed camera][Fixed camera 1]

Then repeat but this time where you want the camera to travel to.

Add a modifier to transition to the next camera view. This creates a sweeping movement. Add a countdown timer for how long you want the first camera to play before it moves to the next.

WHEN [countdown timer][3] DO [fixed camera][Fixed camera 2][transition easing][ease to]

If you place another camera which is closer to the object you are filming than the previous camera you get a zoom.

You can alter the speed of the transition with another modifier, or set how long the transition takes.

Have a play with it. You can get some interesting effects. Add as many cameras as you like.

When you have finished the camerawork add as a child line to the last camera

WHEN [countdown timer][whatever you need number here] DO [boolean: show film][=][false]

some kode to  turn on the players brain and delete the logic cube.

WHEN [boolean:show film][=][false] DO
…WHEN DO [IWP:my player][brain is active][=][true]

…WHEN [countdown timer][2][in frames]DO [destroy][me]

The countdown timer just makes sure all the other commands are done before you destroy the cube.

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