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Project Spark announced it was shutting down sometime in June 2016 with a final server shutdown in August that year. I shut down the School of Kode websites (School of Kode, Project Spark Reviews, SOK Design) in July 2016 after it was hacked and a Russian holiday website appeared in its place and I had no idea how to fix it.

I thought I would continue playing Project Spark by using SparkShare, but a Windows update stopped Project Spark from working on my PC, and with the Xbox being a completely closed system where I could not use SparkShare. With the Team Dakota forum vanishing from the internet, and all access to the community that I loved to participate in also gone I reluctantly had to give up my hobby of 2 years. I have not touched Project Spark for a year.

Then I got an invite from a stranger to an Xbox Club for Project Spark. To my amazement there are still people playing Project Spark and posting up their creations – be it just screenshots and video. Some of them are asking for tutorial help.

I can do that.

I cannot afford to replace the School of Kode website as it was (by the end I had managed to write up explanations of all of the tiles, and had reviewed over 1000 Project Spark games), but I can certainly recreate some of the tutorials and articles in this free blog.

I may even be able to help with your kode questions. But I am a little rusty, so you may have to be patient.

If you are on Xbox then please join the Project Spark Team club. Share your experiences of Project Spark, then and now. Lets keep this game alive.

Note to WordPress administration: I  received full permission to use all the assets of Project Spark under license from Team Dakota and Microsoft, including all artwork.


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